Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How it All Started

I started playing dungeons and dragons in the summer of 1983 at the age of nine. My Uncle had made the mistake of leaving his books laying on a table one day and while I knew better than to actually touch them in any way I spent hours sitting in a chair looking at their covers. I remember that feeling today as though it were yesterday. How the pictures on the cover of those books beckoned with a seductive promise of unexplored adventure. From that day on I begged my Uncle to let me play and to make a long story short, my Uncle eventually relented after I proved to him that not only could I read the books but I could understand them. I even had to pass a test he wrote up along with write a five hundred word essay about the game (though to his credit he let me slide at 300).

My first character was a Dwarf Fighter named Melvin Mischief Maker III. His first action was to challenge a farm boy in the Village of Homlet to an arm wrestling contest (which sadly Melvin lost). After a notable career within Homlet, the Temple of Elemental Evil, and many other adventures, Melvin retired a wealthy Dwarf of ninth level. Since that first character I have consistently gamed for the last twenty eight years. Some times I wore the players hat, sometimes the Game Masters. I have played everything from Dungeons and Dragons Basic through New World of Darkness. I have honestly spent more money on gaming than I probably have on cars and I am more than happy about that. In short I am a gamer and proud of it.

I really don't know what this blog will entail other than it will be about gaming. I plan to post journals for each of the four games I am currently involved with (three as GM, one as player) as well as share my thoughts about various aspects of gaming. I do hope I get some steady readers, but I also am doing this blog because I feel I need a space to voice my gaming experience. Finally I hope to enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed gaming...

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