Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interview with Bruenor Battlehammer new Defensive Cordinator

Asmodeus, Head Coach of the new NFL expansion Team the Greyhawk Gamers has moved very quickly in organizing his staff. Early this morning it was announced that the new Head Coach had hired Bruenor Battlehammer as his new Defensive Coordinator. This move actually came as quite a shock to most people as many experts and analysists expected Asmodeus to go with someone from his own background. When asked about the puzzling move The Arch Devil simply smiled and dissapearred in a cloud of fire and brimstone.

Shortly after the announcement of his hiring, Bruenor held a press conference, the following is a transcript of the event.....

BB: I will take any sensible question you have, but make it quick I have a lot to do to get ready for the season.

Q: Coach Battlehammer, do you find it unusual to be hired as a Defensive Coordinator for a football team given that you apparently have no actual football experience?

BB: You don't need to have experience with football to know what a good defense is lad. Remember I have fought numerous battles of a defensive nature and am sure I will be able to put those experiences to good use.

Q: What kind of defensive scheme do you plan to use?

BB: Listen here lad. I don't know what type of game yer playing but I am not about to let the enemy know what I plan to do. The only thing I will tell you is that the NFL has never seen the likes of what I plan on doing. 

While many more questions were ansked, Bruenor simply left the podium.

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