Thursday, March 29, 2018

Another Day...

Not sure why I am even writing these thoughts here. I guess because I want some place to put them that can be found but only by people looking. Like I am some kind of esoteric guru on the ways of gaming. I sit here typing away in my secret but not so secret spot and dare people to come find me, to see what I have written. Not the stuff I publish and promote, but the stuff that I know most people are not interested in.

I want to write here because at the end of the day having a place to collect my thoughts just seems like the thing to do right now. Maybe in a year or two I will look back at these and see if I can do something with them, maybe not.

I am tired tonight. I think the constant drive to get the project out is taking a toll. I am okay with that. I like the feeling. I like getting to the end of the day and feeling like I accomplished something. Even if all I accomplished was figuring out a supply of stock art, that is still doing something. However, that's not all I did. I also began to consider what program I want to use to format everything nice and pretty. I also started giving thought to how I want the format to look. For this one, I want to keep it a bit old school looking. However, I know I will need to make the layout fancier. This means taking time to do a few things like create page templates and get my written format down.

It means learning new things. It means pushing myself. It means that I have to look past what isn't happening and think about what will happen. It means believing in myself, and I think I do right now. I really do think that if I put the work in, I take the time to make it look as good as possible, then I will get people supporting the Patreon. From the Patreon I move onto a Kickstarter campaign. From the Kickstarter campaign, I move onto a more ambitious idea. All the while continuing to produce quality products for my patrons.

In there somewhere I have to start making serious plans to go to cons and vendor there. Not so much so I can sell a product, but so I can meet people, make contacts, get the word out. Doing that help expands not only my audience but also increases the pool of talent I can call on. That all leads to more patrons, which leads to bigger Kickstarter campaigns which lead to this being real income. But that's all still a ways off. Right now I need to keep myself focused on what is in front of me. If I don't, I can get to caught up in the Great Big Idea! and I never get the little ideas finished.

I know I can do it. I believe I can do it. Yes, I am feeling a little tired, but it's a tired I have earned. It's that kind of tired that makes you glad you woke up. So yeah, I feel tired, but I hope I feel tired every day for the rest of my life.

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